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Welcome to OMEGA Recruitment Indonesia

We believe that one of company's strongest differentiators is its ability to attract, hire and retain the right people for any needed position in their company. Our expertise is to find the very best and most suitable qualified people for your company.

OMEGA Recruitment Indonesia, a nationwide executive search company, can be your partner to overcome hiring challenges, eliminate search process overhead and deliver a short list of highly qualified candidates that will impact your business positively.

Please contact us for further information about OMEGA Recruitment Procedure and/or to get the Candidate Order Form by phone at 021-6194502, 0838-95431900 or chat directly with us.

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  • OMEGA Recruitment Indonesia

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Pertimbangan Sebelum Pindah Kerja

9 June 2014 Hits:6742

Perusahaan modern dan berkembang saat ini tidak hanya memperhatikan keuntungan secara finansial tapi juga pengembangan sumber daya manusia (SDM) merek...

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Answer To Career Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

2 November 2015 Hits:6803

As you make changes consider asking yourself some career questions. By using these career questions it will help you develop a more balanced profile f...

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Kapan Memakai Jasa Head Hunter?

9 June 2014 Hits:6241

Kesulitan untuk mencari karyawan pasti pernah dirasakan oleh setiap HRD. Penyebab nya jelas bukan karena tidak tersedianya sumber daya manusia, n...

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Pertanyaan Mengenai Head Hunter?

2 November 2015 Hits:7175

Banyak orang yang tidak begitu mengerti mengenai pekerjaan Head Hunter... Apakah termasuk Anda juga? Dibawah ini beberapa pertanyaan yang sering timbu...

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Behaviors to Energize a Stalled Job Search

3 November 2015 Hits:1373

A local news anchor and reporter recently asked me about how to energize a stalled job search and how to stay strong during long term unemploymen...

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Menjadi Head Hunter Ideal

9 June 2014 Hits:6754

Head hunter adalah istilah yang digunakan untuk menyebut para konsultan yang jasanya dipercaya oleh para perusahaan untuk mencari para senior executiv...

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Meningkatkan Kemampuan Kerja

9 June 2014 Hits:5092

Pada umumnya meningkatkan kemampuan atau skill dilakukan dengan proses pembelajaran, training atau pelatihan. Hal ini wajar dilakukan mengingat profes...

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